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Episode 57: Breaking the Silence On Sexual Assault with Alli Meyerhardt

Episode 56: Lori Shares Her Story with Jon Vaughn

Episode 55: What is Sex Trafficking? with Stephanie Knapp

Episode 54: What is Child Neglect? with Dr. Desmond Runyan

Episode 53: Surviving Abuse as a College Athlete ft. Jon Vaughn

Episode 52: Starting the Conversation about Sexual Abuse and Violence ft. Tom Krumins

Episode 51: What is Psychological Abuse? ft. Dr. Stuart Hart

Episode 50: Sharing My Truth ft. Jon Vaughn

Episode 49: Surviving and Thriving ft. Kalpashree Gupta

Episode 48: Understanding Physical Abuse ft. Stacie LeBlanc

Episode 47: What is Child Abuse? ft. Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 46: Why We’re Here ft. Jon Vaughn

Episode 45: I Live Here: Learning to Heal Through Embracing Your Story

Episode 44: What Needs to Happen to End Child Abuse and Neglect

Episode 43: Confronting the Silence of Sibling Sexual Abuse

Episode 42: Child Care Abuse and Tomorrow the Film

Episode 41: Surviving Child Abuse and Thriving at Life

Episode 40: Inspiring Youth with Brooks Griffin

Episode 39: No One Said Anything with Marybeth Givens

Episode 38: Adolescent Sex Offenders and Sibling Abuse with Brad Watts

Episode 37: Supporting Foster Parents & Children in Foster Care with Aubrey Sullivan

Episode 36: Child Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment with John Giordano

Episode 35: Being a Light for Abused Children

Episode 34: The Power of Positive Childhood Experiences

Episode 33: Processing the Layers of Shame Out Loud – Lori Poland & Lyndsay Lack

Episode 32: Dismantling the Shame & Silence – Jen Elizabeth

Episode 31: Eradicating Child Abuse and Neglect – Richard Krugman

Episode 30: Living Through Compassion – Lori Poland

Episode 29: By Survivors, For Survivors – Grace French

Episode 28: Surviving Abuse Unbroken – Michael Anthony

Episode 27: Child Abuse Requires a Multidisciplinary Approach – Don Bross, PhD, JD

Episode 26: The Impact on our Nation’s Health of Economy – Chris Newlin

Episode 25: The Power of Telling Our Stories – Jacque Montgomery

Episode 24: The Biology of Child Abuse – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 23: Get to Know EndCAN! Part 3 – Lyndsay Lack

Episode 22: Envisioning the End of Child Abuse and Neglect – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 21: Get to Know EndCAN! Part 2 – Adam Soisson

Episode 20: A Future Without Child Abuse – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 19: Get to Know EndCAN! Part 1 – Dwight Clasby

Episode 18: The Power of Being Believed – Alli Watt

Episode 17: Fighting for Justice – Marci Hamilton

Episode 16: Terry’s Story, Part 3 – Embracing Empathy – Terry Koontz

Episode 15: Terry’s Story, Part 2 – The Power of Being Seen – Terry Koontz

Episode 14: Terry’s Story, Part 1 – From the Gray Area into the Black – Terry Koontz

Episode 13: The Link Between Childhood Abuse and Health Issues in Adulthood – Jenn Drake-Croft

Episode 12: I Hope You Dance – Meredith Garofalo

Episode 11: The Loyal & Loud Tribe of Survivors – Heather Robinson-Ross

Episode 10: It Starts with Looking at the Problem – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 9: It Wasn’t Your Fault – Michael Walter

Episode 8: 25 People that Could Have Saved a Baby – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 7: Healing from Child Abuse, Piece by Piece – Cathy Studer

Episode 6: The Story of EndCAN’s Founders – Lori Poland and Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 5: Deep into the History of Child Abuse – Dr. Richard Krugman

Episode 4: Speaking Out Against Child Abuse and Neglect – Lori Poland’s Story, Part 4

Episode 3: Surviving Child Abuse and Aging into Adulthood – Lori Poland’s Story, Part 3

Episode 2: The Aftermath of Child Abuse and Neglect – Lori Poland’s Story, Part 2

Episode 1: One Single Story Among Millions – Lori Poland’s Story, Part 1


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