Finally, someone believed me

Nov 19, 2020 | survivor-stories

I was abused physically and mentally until the age of sixteen. I finally had the courage to run away from my father after my stepbrother who was six at the time ran away before I did (he almost died from the abuse). Him running away made me snap and realize it wasn’t safe and how this wasn’t normal. My father threatening to take my life, the choking, the beating with a belt to objects around the house being used to hurt me and on job sites (he was a construction worker), the kicking, punching, the bruises on my body/face, my busted up eyes and lips, my messed up back and weak mind from all he has done…I finally ran away. I was put into a foster home where it wasn’t safe either and my foster dad tried to rape me but no one believed me…I started to hate myself and beat myself physically and mentally. I didn’t want to be who I was…I became someone I didn’t want to be due to it. Finally I had someone who heard my story and believed what was going on and got help for me…less than five hours of me telling someone I was being hurt again I was taken out of that home and a few days later on a flight to California to be with my grandparents where I would be safe. My grandpa is a deacon and my grandma works within the church with him. They took me in and put me into therapy until I was finished with the foster care system (being of age). I worked hard and went through a lot. But due to not going back to therapy, I got worse. Until I found someone who understood my hurt, frustrations, anger and all the confused roller coaster of emotions I had to go through to heal from my trauma. I had been away from God due to being confused and hurt but I was able to be a part of a church retreat called “Tres Dias” and that weekend changed my life in a way I can’t explain but can say I’m blessed and thankful. It isn’t easy but having someone to vent to and go to makes things so much better and easier to live life. It gives you hope, relief, and somewhat peace. I want to be there for others and help them and be the person I needed when I was younger.

What advice would you offer to encourage others?

Reach out. Don’t feel like you are alone, you’re not. No judgement. No hate. Just love and support.

  • Jessica, Survivor

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