This happened to us – it’s not who we are

Jan 14, 2021 | survivor-stories

When I was five my cousin who was also five was taught how to groom me I guess by my uncle. My uncle would say things like, “You’re going to get that.” I really didn’t know what he meant. It started by my cousin rubbing his pelvis against mine. Then as time went on there was penetration. The other adults never seemed to be around. I started drinking beer at probably 6 or seven. I always felt a sensation others in my family would molest me. I grew up very permissive. If someone would have only checked on us or spoke with us about this type of behavior. I probably have had 50 or so sexual partners. I’ve had several sexually transmitted diseases. I have herpes. I don’t really go anywhere, this was before covid. I have learning disabilities and depression. There’s so much that could have been done or said to prevent the actual rape. I can’t have sex because it would just lead to multiple partners. I was verbally abused during all of this. I was blamed for my behavior. I got into fights, didn’t graduate. I’m 50. I don’t know if I will ever get over this.

What advice would you offer to encourage others?

There’s good days. Don’t hold on to the past, it already happened. Look forward. This happened to us – it’s not who we are.

– Sharon Keene, Survivor

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