Child abuse and neglect cause immeasurable harm and pain. We cannot change what has happened, but we can change what will – by speaking up, and standing up, together.


Join an enthusiastic group of volunteers and contribute your skills to the movement to end child abuse and neglect, and HAVE FUN! 


Spread awareness about child abuse and neglect, raise funds for research and prevention, and unite your voice with others- all while enjoying a relaxing walk in a beautiful place. 


Connect with an extensive audience while supporting the mission to end child abuse and neglect in the United States. Choose the sponsorship level that best fits your needs.

EndCAN and Breaking Silence have partnered on the Walk Together to End Child Abuse and Neglect, a national fundraising walk this fall aimed at ending child abuse and neglect through creating a community of healing, hope, and possibility. EndCAN, the National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect, powers the movement to eradicate child abuse through funding research, prevention, education, and advocacy. EndCAN also works to enable survivors to heal and transform their lives after experiencing child abuse and neglect. Breaking Silence focuses on bringing the stories of survivors of interpersonal violence to life through an interactive exhibit so that we can create healed communities. Together, we are walking to celebrate the resilience of people impacted by abuse and neglect while we fundraise towards solutions for future generations. We invite you to walk with us at one of our national events.

Impact of Funds Raised: 

Funds raised by EndCAN events will be allocated to the following areas aimed at ending child abuse and neglect in the United States: research, prevention, education, and advocacy. EndCAN will focus on advocating for child abuse-related policy reform, enhancing federal funding support, strengthening opportunities for collaboration within the field and between co-morbidity groups, and ensuring resources are provided to all those impacted by child abuse regardless of socioeconomic status. EndCAN will use funding to allocate grants to: 

  • Research dedicated to better understanding child abuse as a mental, physical, and public health issue 
  • Existing programs and service providers aimed at supporting survivors 
  • Programs focused on the prevention of child abuse and neglect  
  • Educational opportunities aimed at effectuating cultural change

COVID-19 & Safety Precautions

EndCAN values the health and safety of our event participants, volunteers, and staff. Given the current state of COVID-19, we support all who wish to wear masks and kindly ask that if you are not vaccinated or walking with children unable to obtain a vaccine, that you wear a face covering. We fully support the current guidelines outlined by the CDC.

Unvaccinated participants are not required to wear a mask at this time; however, this decision could change by our event date should rates of the virus increase significantly in the event community.

Please also consider walking as your individual group and giving other groups at least three feet of distance. The CDC continues to recommend some social distancing when in public.

Every measure we take is intended to prevent the spread of the virus.

EndCAN’s staff is fully vaccinated, and we encourage our volunteers and participants to follow CDC guidelines as well.

EndCAN has added additional prevention measures throughout our event route including hand sanitizers and public restrooms are available.

For more information about COVID-19, visit

Are you an organization that works in the child abuse and neglect field or a related area? Join us by hosting a table and providing information, resources, and guidance for the walkers and attendees. As a featured organization, you will host a booth alongside other organizations inside the Together Pavilion at the walk. All Together Pavilion fees have been waived for 2021 Walk Together events.

Where should we Walk Together in 2022? If you have a suggestion for a city for a 2022 Walk Together event, let us know! 


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