The first step in solving any problem is to talk about it.

Every day 5 children die from child abuse. It’s a health issue that affects us all. And the only way to stop it, is to work together to understand and treat it better. 

 We have ignited a movement – LOUDER THAN SILENCE – to embrace survivors, neighbors, family, friends and those who have abused. When we #SpeakUp, it helps support research, training, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

 Help us post, tweet, like, share and comment – and include #SpeakUp – so those touched by abuse know there is support. We ask you to move beyond “awareness” and into action.

 Uniting voices sends the message that more must be done.

 JOIN US – be it a whisper or a roar – in being LOUDER THAN SILENCE.


It’s time to let the world know it needs to stop.



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