Expanding CAN Research and Education: EndCAN Leadership Play Active Role in Furthering Child Abuse as a Field of Academic Study

DENVER, CO [March 7, 2022] — EndCAN Co-Founder and Board Chair Dr. Richard Krugman is one of the preeminent experts and scholars in the field of child abuse and neglect in this country. Throughout his career, he has authored over 120 original papers, chapters, editorials, and 14 books and has numerous awards and honors. In 2018, Dr. Krugman co-founded The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect, with his former patient, Lori Poland, after retiring as Dean to try to extend the field of child abuse from being seen solely as a social and legal issue, to the health, public health and mental health issue it also is. Recently, Dr. Krugman and his colleague Dr. Jill Korbin edited and rereleased the second edition of the Handbook of Child Maltreatment, a book providing a comprehensive review of international research on child maltreatment. Research presented in the handbook explores a wide array of aspects, ranging from the neurobiological consequences of child abuse and neglect to community-wide approaches to prevention. The handbook examines “what is known now and more importantly what remains to be researched in the coming decades to help abused and neglected children, their families and their communities,” according to the scholarly work’s abstract. “Truly understanding and preventing child abuse requires a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural approach,” says Dr. Krugman. “This handbook demonstrates the breadth of knowledge surrounding a long-time endemic issue that EndCAN seeks to eradicate.”

Also included in the handbook is a chapter written by EndCAN CEO, Co-Founder, and therapist Lori Poland. Poland’s chapter, entitled, “Silenced No More! It’s Time We Talk About Abuse and Neglect: It’s the Way to EndCAN”, examines the need for conversations around child abuse to occur and for progress within the field to be made. Poland asserts the child abuse and neglect field is a space “where people saw the hard, the dark, the cold, and they did something about it.” EndCAN’s co-founders are proud to contribute to the existing knowledge related to child abuse and neglect. “Research and education are key elements of our strategic vision,” says EndCAN CEO Lori Poland. “We know that ending child abuse and neglect will take a comprehensive understanding of child abuse on a cultural level. We appreciate every opportunity we have to make that goal a reality.”  

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The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN) raises awareness of the health, mental health, and public health impacts of abuse. EndCAN focuses on funding research; investing in innovative child abuse prevention and treatment; and supporting a community for survivors. For more information, please visit endcan.org.


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