The Profound Ripple Effect

May 19, 2021 | survivor-stories

I remember sitting on my father’s lap, at four years of age. This is when it started. The Incest. The inappropriate, terrifying, humiliating experiences. The brother was next, he abused me in every way imaginable. Think of a sexual act, and he did not spare me. I was 8 years old by now when it had begun, and I being innocent believed this was normal behavior between siblings. I had complete trust. But looking back now, the love I once had has not been present ever since these acts were committed by the brother, someone meant to protect me.

I was abused by 7 others up until 19 years of age. The brother was by far the most profound as it’s effect caused a ripple effect in every part of my life. I tried to kill myself four times, mutilated my body, developed bulimia, have co-dependency. The list at times seems endless. But I am here, and I want you to know I know the pain. The struggle. We didn’t deserve this and we deserve to have peace in all areas of our lives. We didn’t deserve the abuse, but we do deserve to live happy, joyous and free. You are not alone, we will get through this.


What advice would you offer to encourage others?

Keep going, you got this.


Daniella, Survivor

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