Sexual abuse and emotional abuse

May 19, 2021 | survivor-stories

Everything started in the fourth grade after being molested by a teacher and being raped at a young age. I suffered depression and anxiety for many years. Till this day I currently suffer anxiety, had a minor heart attack. Due to that I was put on anxiety medication and have to follow up with doctor appointments and I am a mother, I have a 7 year old daughter now who has changed my life. I had her at the age of 16 and thought I could not do it but with the mother I have who was extremely strong enough to help me through each and every situation, she stood by me and helped me through it all, she taught me how to be brave and stand strong with my head held high. I did not want to finish high school but she pushed me and I graduated high school in 2017, have my high school diploma and am now currently in college majoring in psychology, meanwhile in high school I have helped many with their own problems, pushed mine to the side because I could have handled it and I did. So many people go up to my mom and tell her how much of a big help I was during that time. I would not trade any of that because it also motivated me to continue school and become the best person I can be. Without the things I had struggled with in those times I would not be in school. I would have been 6 feet underground. Suicide thoughts took the best of me and made me someone I did not want to be. I had a great support system and many others did not, so I became their support system and helped them while I coped in my own ways with my support system.


What advice would you offer to encourage others?

My advice to many always have been..

“Do not let what is hurting become the reason you do not live another day.” Speak up and never stay quiet, you need help? Ask for it, you are afraid? Here is my advice, when you have an opportunity, no one is next to you and you are not next to the person who is hurting you and someone else is, speak even if you do not know them, they can also be a big help and support system. If you have these suicidal thoughts and you feel alone or feel as if you do not want to do it anymore? Grab a notebook, write down how you feel and let someone read it, let someone feel it, if you cannot write sit next to someone and if silence helps, do so. You are never alone and even if you do not know me, I can be a big help for you.


Anonymous, Survivor

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