Because of YOU

For so many, the holiday season is a time for reflection and evaluation on where we are going and what we are doing. Looking at this last year at EndCAN, we have worked diligently to bring a voice to those whose cries often go unheard, whose heartache lives in silence and behind closed doors, whose shame encompasses their lives, and I can’t help but think, this time of year isn’t always so easy for those who feel alone and without community.

Every day I see where there is a need, and at EndCAN we know that the need lives in creating a safe place for survivor’s voices to be heard, joined together, and shouted loudly.

This last year, with your help and support, we have: 

  • Launched our web-based platform for survivors of child abuse and neglect to share their story, unite their voices, hear other survivor stories, and find free informational resources and support.
  • Funded child abuse research at Children’s Hospitals in Philadelphia, Houston and Toronto.  
  • Held a national summit to bring forward new approaches to disrupt and end the cycle of child abuse and neglect.
  • Spoken to and united thousands of people on the possibilities and hope that is set forth in ending child abuse and neglect. 
  • Invested in researchers to create new strategies for child abuse prevention, treatment,  and research.
  • Launched two new public campaigns “Louder Than Silence“,  and We Are All Survivors”,  focused on raising awareness, breaking the silence, eliminating shame, and developing power in community and survival. 


Every step EndCAN has taken has been because we have the partnerships, leaders, and backing of every person who has supported us. THANK YOU!

The holidays also bring us to year-end giving. You will no doubt receive dozens of requests to support those organizations closest to your heart. EndCAN is participating in both Giving Tuesday and Colorado Gives Day and we hope we can count on your contribution. With your support, we know we can advance this life-changing work.

Moving forward, we must band together, create a larger and more impactful community by which we push through, make changes, educate and inform, understand and share information, and work together to prevent. We can do this with you, with your support and because of  YOU, so I thank you.

Happy holidays to you and yours. May your holiday season be one of reflection and willingness to continue to be the change you wish to see in the world. I am right next to you, let’s do this!

Lori Poland, Founding Executive Director


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