Call for Disruption Papers

The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (End CAN) and the Haruv Institute are seeking applications for “disruption” papers that would serve a guide for grantmaking for the organization in the coming years.

EndCAN’s work is rooted in the belief that child abuse and neglect is a physical, mental and public health problem in addition to being a social and legal issue that is statutorily addressed by child welfare and civil courts in intrafamilial cases and by law enforcement and criminal courts in extra-familial cases.

We believe that if we were creating a “Child Protection System” – broadly defined as the multiple disciplines and members of society that are needed to address all forms of abuse and neglect of children – today, that it would be different from the system that has existed for the past 50+ years throughout the United States.

These disruption papers provide an opportunity for professionals in the field and others to develop concepts for how we might re-create a better approach to child abuse and neglect that effectively prevents and treats all forms of child abuse and neglect. Last year we awarded prizes to for papers in the Clinical, Research and Prevention area. The winning abstracts are at This year, we are again looking for papers in the Training area.

We seek papers that will offer a disruptive approach to training and education for the approach, treatment and understanding of child abuse and neglect. Applicants are encouraged to think broadly, be innovative and help readers see a large picture on how education and training can contribute ultimately to ending child abuse and neglect. Timeline and Process Individual or team applicants are invited to submit a letter of intent by August 23, 2019. This letter should introduce the topic and approach that the applicant wishes to explore in greater depth if they are selected to submit a full disruption paper.

It should be no more than three pages. A Cover letter or page with the author’s names and affiliations should be appended to the three-page outline. A peer review committee compiled of professionals in the field of CAN will read the letters of intent, then, will collectively invite the top papers to submit a full 3000-word paper for final evaluation. The winning paper will receive a $10,000 prize (provided by EndCAN and Haruv) and will be invited to present their papers at and EndCAN’s second summit. In addition, the winning and semifinalists papers could be published in a journal or as part of a Monograph on the Future of the Field of Child Abuse and Neglect. Final papers will be submitted by January 17, 2020. The semi-finalists will be notified in mid-September.

August 23, 2019 Letters of intent and outlines for papers due
Mid-September 2019 Semifinalists announced and invited to submit full disruption papers
January 17, 2020 Full disruption papers due
Mid-February 2020 Winners for paper will be notified and announced

Questions about the competition should be sent to About National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN) EndCAN is a non-profit whose primary objective is to launch and sustain a nationwide movement to support research, training, prevention, and advocacy, all designed to end child abuse and neglect in our lifetime. To do so, EndCAN will work with existing partners to change the conversation around child abuse and neglect as just a social and legal issue, to the significant health, mental health and public health issue it is.


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