Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Walk! Find descriptions of specific volunteer roles below. Not sure which role would suit you best? No problem! Submit the volunteer sign up form above and we’ll contact you to learn more about your interests.

Event Leader

You lead with the big picture and keep the focus on the mission. You create a plan to meet event goals and use your passion and connections to recruit a planning team. You are a cheerleader, mentor and advisor, leading the planning team in fulfilling their responsibilities and goals.

Scouting Coordinator

You are social by nature and like talking to new people. You lead the Scouting Specialists to recruit teams and participants and are comfortable providing direction. You like speaking in front of others and will make a plan to connect with and invite as many people as possible to join the Walk.

Production Coordinator

Details are your favorite! You anticipate plan A, B, C and beyond to ensure an organized, safe and smooth event day experience. You ensure all the set-up and logistical elements are planned and mapped out in advance and work with staff to ensure rentals, supplies and services are managed.

Sponsor Coordinator

You like to make a deal and have strong communication, negotiation, and relationship building skills. You are comfortable presenting in front of groups, and you put in the time needed to research prospects. You aren’t afraid to ask people for money and understand the finesse needed to influence others to give.

Scouting Specialist

You are professionally persuasive and pleasantly persistent. Your social nature means you’ll talk with anyone and everyone about EndCAN. You exude passion and positivity and want to inspire others to action! You have strong communication and presentation skills and are focused on motivating others.

Promotion Coordinator

You know promotion can make or break an event. You have strong communication, negotiation, and presentation skills. You identify local outlets for outreach to promote the event on all platforms and are comfortable speaking with the media. Your goal is to create community awareness and support.

Team Support Coordinator

You are a nurturer by nature and have strong communication, follow-up, and relationship building skills. You provide support and mentoring to Walk teams, coaching on how to fundraise and recruit team members. You radiate positivity and inspire others through outreach, follow-up, recognition and appreciation.

Mission Awareness Coordinator

You are on a mission to educate others, working with EndCAN staff to share resources and empower families to nurture and protect our children. You are enthusiastic, patient, creative and curious and have a passion to collaborate and ensure awareness is factored into all event activities.

Survivorship Coordinator

You are a uniter and understand the delicacy and the importance of creating a safe, supportive space for others to share. You like to outreach, have strong communication skills and have a calm and empowering energy. Your goal is to engage as many Survivors as possible to participate and help us be Louder Than Silence.

Experience Coordinator

You have an eye for creating memorable and impactful moments, and you know the experience of an event is key to success. You bring your creativity and organization to entertainment, food, activities and overall stage management for the event and help to design an engaging and motivating Walk for participants.


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