Louder Than Silence: Ending Child Abuse and Neglect



Anonymously ask questions, process experiences, seek advice, or offer support. This community supports survivors and respects their stories.


EndCAN aims to eliminate the shame survivors of child abuse and neglect experience. This community embraces survivors and wants to inspire a cultural movement that does the same.


The conversation about child abuse and neglect needs to extend beyond being seen as only a legal and social issue to also the mental health, physical health and public health problem that it is.

The impact of experiencing abuse and neglect as a child can follow us through adulthood. It can be difficult for survivors to comfortably discuss our struggles or the memories that haunt us. I know that survivors feel like we must remain silent about our abuse, even if staying silent about it pains us deeply, or makes us feel as if we live in the shadows of society.

EndCAN strives to enable survivors to become “thrivers”. We believe in the power of healing, expanding, growing and paying our strengths forward to any and all willing and open to hearing it…to us, this is what thriving looks like. To do this, we are modeling the power of voice and empowering survivors to come together and use their voices to create change. We’re committed to ending child abuse and neglect within our lifetime, and we can’t do that alone. We know that things change when people come together, stand together and speak up.  That’s why we created the new Louder than Silence: Ending Child Abuse and Neglect Survivor Community through Inspire. Inspire is a free, online community of support groups where people exploring health conditions can feel safe, be authentic, anonymously discuss their experiences, and learn from other people who have “been there.”

We invite you to write/ask/share/talk/open up about any survivor related content you wish. The Inspire platform encourages you to phrase the title of your post as a question to engage responses. If you’re looking for content ideas, here are few to get started:

  1. How can we eliminate shame for survivors in our community?
  2. What experiences feel healing for you as a survivor?
  3. How can we work to prevent child abuse and neglect for future generations?

With that, I’ll end with a note to fellow survivors of child abuse and neglect:

YOU are not alone.
YOU are strong.
YOU deserve love.
I believe in YOU.

Join US in being louder than silence.

All my love,

❤️ Lori Poland
EndCAN Founding Executive Director


Gifts to EndCAN, a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN # 82-3752131), are deductible to extent provided by law. 

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