EndCAN CEO Lori Poland was abducted at three years old from her front yard by a stranger who abused her and placed her in the pit of an outhouse toilet for 3 ½ days until her rescue by bird watchers. Her life has since been dedicated to healing and helping others affected by abuse. Her abductor was once an abused three year old who did not get help.


Richard Krugman, M.D.

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Dr. Richard Krugman is one of the preeminent experts and scholars in the field of child abuse and neglect in this country and a protégé of Dr. Kempe himself.  Dr. Krugman, Dick as many know him, is a pediatrician and Distinguished University Professor at The Kempe Center. He is the former Director of The Kempe Center and served as both Dean and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In the 1970’s, he also served an appointment with the Public Health Service at the National Institute of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow in Washington D.C. Most notably, Krugman headed the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect from 1988-1991. Throughout his career he has authored over 100 original papers, chapters, editorials, and six books. Dr. Krugman co-founded EndCAN, a long time dream of his with Lori Poland after retiring as Dean so to help move child abuse from being seen solely as a social and legal issue, to also a health, public and mental health issue.


Lori Poland, M.A., L.P.C.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Lori Poland is a childhood survivor of a high-profile child abuse case and has since devoted her life and career to ending child abuse and neglect as well as healing its cycles and ripple effects. She has spent her career working in mental health and the nonprofit sector as a therapist for children and families. Lori transitioned from therapy to assume the job of Executive Director for EndCAN, leveraging her background in business management and program development. Lori travels nationally as a motivational speaker talking about possibilities after trauma, becoming a transcender, and the ripple effects of trauma on children and families. Additionally, Lori has consulted within the legal system to advocate for change in the field and to develop greater understanding.  


Dwight Clasby

Development Director

Dwight Clasby is a respected fundraising veteran with broad experience across the education and nonprofit sectors. As EndCAN’s Development Director, he is responsible for developing and implementing fundraising strategies and engagement initiatives to significantly expand and strengthen support for EndCAN’s mission to end child abuse and neglect.

Dwight has held senior management positions with private and public universities, prominent independent schools, a community college foundation, as well as the largest community foundation in Texas. His active role in numerous civic, charitable and non-profit boards has provided additional insight in working with organizations that are committed to serving their constituents and communities, while expanding their bases of influence and effectiveness.


Lyndsay Lack

Communications Manager 

Lyndsay Lack is a dedicated advocate for EndCAN’s mission of ending child abuse and neglect. She values empathy, diversity, and creativity in her daily life and believes collaboration and integrity are critical elements for team success. She enjoys developing and achieving strategic communications goals through writing, graphic design, photography, and using media to connect with others authentically in order to inspire positive change. Lyndsay earned a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in Communication Studies as well as a master’s degree from the University of Denver in Media, Film, and Journalism Studies. Her short films have been screened in the Colorado Women in Film film festival. Prior to joining EndCAN, Lyndsay spent five years in the local government sector as a graphic designer and marketing strategist. As a survivor herself, she is deeply grateful to Lori and Dick for creating EndCAN and is honored to be a part of the team. When she’s not working to fulfill EndCAN’s mission, she can be found painting, knitting, or baking treats for her dog.

Lin Jaffe

Communications Coordinator 

Lin Jaffe is a lifelong learner and creative expression enthusiast who embraces the possibility of each new day. She has worked for various Colorado nonprofits for nearly twenty years, mostly in museum settings in the areas of education, exhibits, volunteer engagement, and communications. It has given her great satisfaction to foster community in these organizations while developing meaningful connections with others. Lin is delighted to be part of the EndCAN team, serving a cause that is essential to the wellbeing of each of us individually and to society as a whole. A survivor of suicide loss, she is particularly interested in reducing the stigma of mental health issues and promoting greater understanding of its relationship to child abuse and neglect. She recognizes the importance of telling our stories to encourage healing, belonging, and renewal. Exploring these concepts through writing and visual art has been an important part of her personal growth. Lin believes that living with love and intention is imperative and that adding in a little humor goes a long way.


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