Students to End CAN (SEC) is composed of both Council Members and Executive Council Members. EndCAN staff oversee the day-to-day operation of the Council in partnership with the Executive Council.

Council Members (50 – 100 members)

Council members serve on various sub-councils to ensure Council specific events, activities and initiatives are successful. Council members stand energized and motivated to do everything possible to raise awareness of the health, mental health and public health impacts of child abuse and neglect.  

Council members are asked to invest in EndCAN’s mission by: 

  • Serving on a minimum of one Council sub-council 
  • Committing approximately 3 – 5 hours a month 
  • Attending a new member onboarding   
  • Recruiting 5 new members per year 
  • Making a suggested annual donation: 
    • Individual – $20 
    • Student – $10 
    • Couple – $35 

Executive Council (7 members) 

The Executive Council takes an active role in all of the areas EndCAN is working to grow.  The group fosters communications among the membership, produces educational and training opportunities, creates Council specific events and activities, participates in organization and community-based events, sets membership and fundraising goals, and supports the achievement of goals established by the organization.  

Members include: Council Chair, Co-Chair, Mission Awareness/Communications ChairFundraising/Events Chair, Membership/Member Enrichment ChairSecretary, and Treasurer.  

Executive Council member additional responsibilities include:  

  • Attending Executive Council meetings (per year) 
  • Serving as chair for a sub-council 
  • Leading and participating in EndCAN events 


Executive Council Duties & Responsibilities


Chair & Co-Chair – The Chair serves as a non-voting member othe EndCAN Board of Directors and reports directly to the External Relationship ManagerProvides guidance on tasks adopted by the various sub-councils; and helps establish reporting structures for ensuring that sub-councils are completing tasks. Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the Executive Council and the three working sub-councils. Engages actively in EndCAN prioritized functions and supports individual sub-council chairs in their roles. The Co-Chair assists the Chair in overseeing a number of the sub-councils and represents the Chair as needed in meetings, etc. Sub-Council Chairs report directly to the Chair or Co-Chair. 


Chair, Mission Awareness/Communications – Provides guidance on programs to educate members and the public about child abuse and neglect, and actively helps recruit volunteers to serve on the Mission Awareness/Communications Sub-Council. Reports to the Executive Council on progress toward meeting established council goals and on the effectiveness of the Mission Awareness/Communications Sub-Council 


Chair, Membership/Member Enrichment – Provides guidance on a strategy and process to cultivate and recruit prospective members and develops a plan for helping new members engage with EndCAN. Ensures the retention and training of members and the social construct of the Council, organizes social activities for members, seeks virtual engagement opportunities, and works to connect members across geographies in a variety of ways. Reports to the Executive Council on progress toward meeting established Council goals and on the effectiveness of the Membership/Member Enrichment Sub-Council 


Chair, Fundraising/Events – Leads sub-council in the organization and planning of EndCAN events and other fundraising initiatives adopted by the Council. Reports to the Executive Council on progress toward meeting established sub-council goals and on the effectiveness of fundraising and events. 


Secretary – Manages minutes of Executive Council meetings; ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting; coordinates notices of meetings of the Council and Executive Council; and monitors the attendance and involvement of Executive Council members in activities and reports findings to the Executive Council Chair and External Relationship Manager. 


Treasurer – Serves as ex-officio member of EndCAN’s Finance CommitteeProvides advice on financial reporting processes for Council activities. Monitors and presents income reports for EndCAN functions and events to the Finance Committee and Executive Council 


Gifts to EndCAN, a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN # 82-3752131), are deductible to extent provided by law. | PO Box 102428, Denver, CO 80250