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Can we eliminate Child Abuse in our Lifetime?

LESSONS FROM THE HALF-CENTURY OF PROGRESS IN OTHER AREAS OF CHILD HEALTH By: Richard Krugman, MD, Chair of the Board & Lori Poland, M.A., L.N.P., Founding Executive Director Our careers, while vastly different, led us to find a common denominator in our focus to end child abuse and neglect. Dick (Dr. Krugman) began his career in child abuse over fifty years ago. As a third year medical student, he had heard C. Henry Kempe lecture on the Battered Child Syndrome. It was a compelling talk on...

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My Imprint

By: Lori Poland, Executive Director I learned how difficult this world can be at the young age of three when while playing in my front yard in the middle of a hot summer day, with all of my neighbors and friends outside, a stranger drove up, opened the passenger door and asked if I liked candy. Of course, like any sugar loving child, I got into his car and off we went. He took me to the mountains, abused me, and left me for dead 15 feet below ground in the pit of an outhouse toilet. Four days...

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