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From One Parent to Another…

Hey parent… How are you holding up in the midst of this unprecedented time? Me… well, my life has felt a bit like a circus this last week. And not a well managed, organized, fun-having circus. It’s...

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Positive Parenting During COVID-19

  There’s a pandemic right now, and your kids are watching you. They are watching as you watch the news, talk on the phone, and move through the day.  They are watching your reaction to just...

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Building Self-Esteem in Kids

  What we say to kids matters. How we respond to their needs matters. As a parent or guardian, you are a role model for your children, and your values impact theirs. What we say to any child...

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Working With Your Angry Child

  “My son is 5, he is a very smart and determined little boy, but when he gets mad, he is really mad.  He throws things, hits things (including me), screams at the top of his lungs, or says...

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