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7 Steps to Take If Your Child Has Been a Victim of Cyberbullying

Bullying doesn’t happen only on the playground anymore. With the evolution of social networks and easy access to the internet, bullies can follow your children into the sanctity of your home via computers and smartphones. No one wants their child to have to deal with the fallout of being bullied, but there are steps you can take if your child has been bullied online. Make sure your child is safe. The first thing to do if your child has been a victim of cyberbullying is to help them regain a...

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A Moment of Reflection…EndCAN’s One Year Anniversary

As I sit here at my desk, I can’t help but let my humility take over. This last year has been one similar to what I would imagine a caterpillar goes through. While I can’t say I have come out of the cocoon yet, I can certainly say that I am leaning in to knowing the world (and my life) is going to be entirely different when I exit it, than when I came into it. EndCAN’s one year anniversary marks a moment of reflection. “Where did the year go”, and yet also “holy cow, it’s only been a year,”...

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5 Ways to End Child Abuse and Neglect

1. TALK ABOUT IT Talking about child abuse and neglect is not something many people do. When a topic comes up that people are not comfortable with, or simply don’t know what to say and do about it, they remain silent. If we could cure cancer just by talking about it, we would. Well, we can cure child abuse by talking about it. When we talk, we create a sense of belonging and community, we increase our compassion, and we promote the benefits of change. Talking about child abuse is exactly what...

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Can we eliminate Child Abuse in our Lifetime?

LESSONS FROM THE HALF-CENTURY OF PROGRESS IN OTHER AREAS OF CHILD HEALTH By: Richard Krugman, MD, Chair of the Board & Lori Poland, M.A., L.N.P., Founding Executive Director Our careers, while vastly different, led us to find a common denominator in our focus to end child abuse and neglect. Dick (Dr. Krugman) began his career in child abuse over fifty years ago. As a third year medical student, he had heard C. Henry Kempe lecture on the Battered Child Syndrome. It was a compelling talk on...

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