Adopted after being through so much

Sep 26, 2019 | survivor-stories

My name is Daryl and I was abused. My biological parents were on drugs for most of the time I was with them. My siblings and I were placed in Child Protection Services. The physical and mental abuse from them was enough for anyone, but some of the times I fear to talk about happened within the homes of CPS. I’m not exactly sure how to share the full story but I’ve never admitted to anyone some of the things that happened my siblings and I.

Most of the men that my mother dated were physically abusive. We watched our mother for years as she brought men in and out. I watched my mom get raped. Adults have forced me to have sex with other children in the foster homes. I’ve done a lot of therapy. In about 2005, the federal government raided my biological mothers house, they were cooking meth. There were 8 of us kids in the home and at the time I was visiting my grandpa in Pueblo. When the cops raided the house, they had masks on because of the chemicals from the cook in the basement.

My two brothers and I did work for the next door neighbor, my now Mother who adopted the 3 us later down the road. We worked for her so we could feed our siblings. When were placed in CPS for the last time, my mother, Mary started making the steps to become our foster mother. While in a foster home in Greeley, I had a dream that I called her. The next day, I dialed a number that I thought to be hers. I had to sneak the phone because the foster parents didn’t want us on it. She told me the good news about working hard to get us out of that home. On February 15th 2006 we moved to her house back in Denver. Later down the road she adopted us. My family has been through so much but we survived.


  • Daryl, Survivor


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