A Moment of Reflection…EndCAN’s One Year Anniversary

Featuring Lori Poland

As I sit here at my desk, I can’t help but let my humility take over. This last year has been one similar to what I would imagine a caterpillar goes through. While I can’t say I have come out of the cocoon yet, I can certainly say that I am leaning in to knowing the world (and my life) is going to be entirely different when I exit it, than when I came into it.

EndCAN’s one year anniversary marks a moment of reflection. “Where did the year go”, and yet also “holy cow, it’s only been a year,” are both comments I find myself saying out loud as I reflect back.

In this last year, we had the honor of setting a proclamation in Denver (our founding city and home) with our then Governor, John Hickenlooper. Only to head East to New York and join Megyn Kelly on her TODAY Show interview, sharing Dick and I’s journey from the start with a National Live Audience. This experience led to a ripple effect of survivors, thrivers and transenders reaching out, wanting to be a part of the change. And it also led to the upset of so many who’ve been affected and impacted by child abuse.

What I can say about abuse is that it hurts anything and everything it comes in contact with. Not only survivors, but everything around it. There is no stone left unturned, no heart not impacted, and so little being done about any of it. This year, I have learned that patience, kindness and continuation is the best recipe for my survival through this mission to END child abuse and neglect.

A little bit about what we’ve done: EndCAN has launched several messaging campaigns in partnership with some of the worlds best advertising firms. Give FiveLouder than Silence and coming soon “We are All Survivors”. 

In the summer 2018, we put out our first competition to disrupt the field by asking professionals to write papers on what we would change if we knew in the 60’s what we know now about child abuse. How we would approach clinical treatments differently, prevention, education and training along with research. We had profound responses and the winners in several categories presented their findings in our first summit hosted in Denver March 2019.

In addition we provided grant funding to three pediatric fellowship medical school students for research. This program has ignited partnerships and collaboration funding with other organizations across the globe and we are excited to continue to expand and grow it.

We’ve expanded our board to 13 members and leaders across the country specializing in a variety of expertise that will help EndCAN expand and grow to its fullest potential. We’ve traveled and partnered with so many organizations such as Zero to Three, Casey Family Programs, the Haruv Institute, Prevent Child Abuse America, the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds… to name just a few. In addition, we have recently come to a final agreement on the collaboration and merge of EndCAN with the American Society for Positive Care of Children. We are elated about this partnership and cannot wait to unite our resources, skills, assets and team in order to create a stronger impact for CAN.

All in all, it has been a big year. We certainly could not be here without the support and dedication of our friends and partners, and most importantly our sponsors and funders. We have a big mission, and it will take a lot of effort, time, energy and funding to achieve our goal, and yet, I KNOW IN MY HEART that we can do for child abuse and neglect what has been done for every pediatric disease, illness and issue in the last 60 years. I look forward to seeing you all around in the years to come.

With love and gratitude,  



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